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Last Update : 2010/03/30
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How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

Answer / Solution

Contact your employer’s payroll office or benefits provider to have your paycheck or retirement check deposited directly into your FedChoice account.  To set up direct deposit, you must have:

  • The ABA routing number for FedChoice – 254074785
  • Your FedChoice account number (the X’s represent your base account number)


    • 1000XXXXXX – Main Share Account
    • 1080XXXXXX – Premium Checking Account
    • 1090XXXXXX – Money Market Account
    • 1150XXXXXX – Free Checking Account
    • 1160XXXXXX – eChecking Account


Once you’ve set up direct deposit, you can have funds automatically transferred to pay your FedChoice loans each month.  You can also have funds automatically deposited into one of your savings accounts each month to help you save! 

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